Thursday, June 1, 2017

Rockets - Perdigon Nymphs

As any Fly Tyer, I love to trick around with different materials and flies, to try and give something a little edge over the old variations. This is what I have been working on for a while now. They are perdigon's with a twist and are proving to be very effective indeed.

To begin I put a size 16 301 Dohiku hook in the vice and tie on my Kevlar 50D thread.
I then add in a severally times folded, length of this hot orange UV reflective thread by Tommy-Fly, I love this stuff for doing these nymphs as it is fine and sits flat, and when you UV resin it it dose not become transparent and lose its impact on the nymph. Tie it out the front end of the hook and then tie of the tying thread.
Place in a 3 mm bead of your colour choice and tie in your base colour thread, for this fly it is black Tommy-Fly black UV thread.
I tie in the tail which is Coq De Leon fibers and my ribbing which is White UV reflective thread.I then form the body with the black thread and pull over the orange thread and secure it down with the rib, which gets several spins on the bobbin to tighten up the strands.Once the body is ribbed, I add several turns of the black behind the bead to secure in all the threads and tie off.
To finish the nymph add a good coat of UV resin and there you go!!!!
You can also leave the thread that comes over the back as a hot tail instead of the Coq De Leon. When you are messing about with these guys try different base and back colours for great looking nymphs that will catch you lots of fish.
Perdigon Nymphs are becoming very popular through Europe and Ireland, and there is a reason why, that is they are very effective in our fast streams and rivers. I hope you enjoy fishing and tying these nymphs and thanks for reading my blog, if you would like any other information or some of these nymphs please feel free to drop me a line on my contact details here and if you are looking for Dohiku hooks or top quality Tungsten Beads feel free to give me a shout for the best prices. 

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  1. very cool fly will have to tie up a few

  2. Cool tie thanks for sharing. These perdigon flys are great: they're sleek, sink fast, look cool and no one else around here fishes them. I like how you pulled the orange floss over the top.

  3. Hi. Great tie. Understand why you are getting results with it.
    What are the bead and hook prices?

  4. Hi Richard thanks for reading, for all hook and bead prices follow the links to my website on the right of the page if you have any issues give me a shout thanks for reading again. Peter

  5. Very cool website, this was my first visit. Impeccable workmanship in your tying.

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