Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Blue Winged Olives

Its that time of year when the evenings are stretched out and the rise of fish on the rivers during the late summer days entice most anglers to try their luck at catching the trout while in their feeding frenzy's close to dark. During the month of June we will see the emergence of some good sedge hatches and I will post some good tying's for these in the days to come; but this is also the time of year we see the blue winged olives in full force. Getting the tones of olives and the presentation right you could be in for a very successful evenings rise. Here are two of my favorite BWOs that have proven themselves to be called upon time and time again during this time of year. 

Hook: Size 16 Hends 404 
Thread: Olive twist thread 
Tail: Coq de Leon 
Body: Pale olive CDC tied in at the tips and wound up the body, spinning the feather at the same time.
Wing: Pale blue Hends CDC, plucked from the stem.
Hackle: Olive Picric cock hackle.

Hook: Size 18 Hends 404 
Thread: Olive twist thread 
Tail: Coq de Leon 
Body: Hends Olive body quill 
Wing: Pale blue Hends CDC, Tie in the tips and loop back over to create the wing.

I have found that the bottom of the two fly's sits deeper in the water just in the surface film and fishing for tricky fish or in the flats this fly will fool fish for sure as they see the fly at its most vulnerable stage. The top fly is a brighter olive and one that I use in the faster water on the rivers as fish now are feeding in the currents more, I like to attract their attention with either something bright or large; also the CDC body here will help to keep the fly on the surface as it makes its way down the faster water.

You should try out these simple but effective dries over the coming nights when the rise begings or just before it and they should produce lots of rises and takes for you. I hope you enjoy reading this post and if you have any comments or questions on any of the patterns just drop me a line below, also you can sign in and follow us. Thanks for reading.

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