Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Want a Dry Fly that will catch you a lot of fish? The Lopped CDC Olive Dry Fly

With temperatures finally starting to come back to normal and with some consistency, the fishing is getting to where it should be early to mid May. Over the last few days I have been on the rivers and getting some great action. The hatches have certainly improved and in turn the trout are feeding well, while I have been picking up fish on the nymphs regularly and they are plentiful, its the dry fly I enjoy the most this time of year. The fish are beginning to spread out in the glides and run and will take most opportunities to grab a snack as it passed by there nose. this simple little dry has been the stand out fly over the last couple of days and one you should have in the box if you plan on hitting the river soon. 

Begin with a size 18 -20 301 Dohiku hook and add in some Coq De Leon fibers for the tail. I then add in some olive UV reflective thread by Tommi-fly that will be my rib. After securing all that in I use some olive pheasant tail for the body and rib it with the olive thread. 
Then taking two CDC feathers one Natural Grey and the other is light blue I tie them in by the tips. Take a pinch of olive CDC and dub on to your thread and make a thorax between the eye of the hook and the CDC. 

Catch the CDC feathers together and form your loop over the thorax. Secure it well in at the eye of the hook and remove the remaining CDC. You can make the loop as small or large as you wish. Brush back any fibers that may be at the head of the fly and tie off your thread. 
This fly has great float-ability and is pretty easy to spot in the faster water. It sits lovely and low on the surface and is a very tempting fly for the waiting trout. I hope you have as must sport with it as I have had. 
I hope you have enjoyed reading this post. If you have any questions or queries please feel free to contact me. Also make sure and check out my website www.piscari-fly.com for all your tungsten beads, Dohiku barbless hooks, the amazing Syndicate Fly Rods, Reels, leaders and much more. Thanks for reading.

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