Thursday, December 6, 2012

Jig Hook Nymphs

Jig Hook nymphs are growing more and more popular every season, and rightly so, there are very effective as the point fly to a cast of nymphs or fished on their own. I first came across these hooks in Poland some years ago at the European Fly Fishing Finals and they had the bead head cast on to the hook. They were interesting looking and effective in that environment at the time. Sense then their popularity has grown and the development of the different styles of hooks from different manufactures has also grown. With the rise of demand for Jig Hooks the development of the slotted bead has also increased and now we see a huge range of sizes, colours and finishes to the beads. Over the last couple of seasons I have used more and more of these style nymphs with great success and here are a few of the ones that stand out in my fly box. I use the Hends Jig hooks for my nymphs and I have great confidence in their strength and hook ups.
The nymph above is tied on a size 12 jig and a 3mm tungsten bead, behind the bead is several wraps of flat lead. The Tail is natural Partridge and the rib is Hends fine Pearl Tinsel. The main body is light Hears Ear dubbing and ribbed over up to the thorax. The thorax is grey Hares Ear dubbing just tied in behind the bead and brushed out once the fly is tied off.  Here are a few more of my successful nymphs.

On a size 14 jig hook put a 2.8mm tungsten bead and some flat lead behind it. The Tail is Long hairs from the skin of a hare and a gold wire rib. The body is just Hares ear dubbing with a turn of Green Hends Spectra Dubbing behind the bead.

Also on a size 14 hook put a light pink slotted bead size 3.3mm. Coq De Leon tail and natural Pheasant Tail body ribbed with gold wire. The thorax is mixed Hares Ear dubbing with Hends Green Spectra dubbing and using red twist thread form a red spot behind the bead and tie off the fly.

Using a size 10 jig hook put on a size 3.5mm black disco bead or just plain black slotted bead. The tail is Glo Brite NO: 11 and a fine sliver wire rib or a pearl rib can also be effective. The body is Jan Siman Hares Ear Plus dubbing and once ribbed up brush out really well. For the thorax use Hends Dark Green or as I describe it peacock dubbing just behind the bead and also brush out once the fly is tied off.

I hope you try out these nymphs next season and have the success that I had so far on them, fishing them as the point fly or on their own should produce some good catches in most river systems. 
For your hooks and Materials head to http://www.irishflytying.com/ to find what you need and enjoy.  


  1. Good tip. We use them for tying the Balance Leech as well for stillwater.

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