Monday, March 24, 2014

Start of the wild trout season 2014

So were off to the 2014 trout season by a couple of weeks and while there is many good reports coming in of good but tough fishing to be had on our rivers the rain and chilly breezes are keeping the trout in there winter state for another while anyway.
I have only ventured out on a few occasions this spring fishing the Blackwater in cork, with some smaller streams down there and the tributaries of the None for a few sessions the weekend with some of the Irish team. I do tend to be a slow starter as the months of April and May do be so busy fishing I am not to upset trying to get some work out of the way in March to make time for the coming months. The water is still a bit cold and it dose not take much rain to colour it up as the ground is still very wet but there is signs of life emerging as a few olives can be seen fluttering in the spring breezes when the sun decides to pop out. Some fish have been caught though and mostly on the wet fly, streamer and up stream nymphing with heavy bugs. 
This time of the year we often find that the trout lying back in the slacker water of the pools and once you search them out you often find that you will pick up several from one pocket. 
This can involve patience and persistence to find the fish lying, once you have found them then if you present some form of food to their nose they will be hungry enough to snap it up. 
We managed a few nice trout over the couple of outings and the majority of the catching was done on this black CDC purple nymph. With a large hares ear anchor nymph dragging it down to the feed zone of the fish.
Once the temperatures in the nights rise slightly then we will see an explosion of life on waters, for me this is the best time of the year; late March and most of April on the rivers is cracking nymphing and wet fly fishing. 

Over the next few months I will be fishing many rivers and lakes of Ireland and I look forward to sharing my experiences good and bad with you here, also see what I am catching on as I fish the different venues. I hope you enjoy reading this post and if you have any comments or questions on early season fishing, fly dressings or leader set ups just drop me a line below, also you can sign in and follow us. Thanks for reading.

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