Monday, January 9, 2017

Caddis Nymph

Its been a while sense I last put some patterns here due to the arrival of a new family member and work stuff, so it is good to finally get some time to share some patterns with you that I have used over the last season or two. To begin here is a good fish catcher, a simple but very effective caddis pattern that has lured a lot of fish for me in the latter half of last season and it was a variation of this fly that took a lot of fish in the recent European Grayling competition in Wales.

Begin with a Dohiku size 14 jig hook, 3,5mm or 4mm copper bead and three turns of flat lead behind to hold it in place and add that extra bit of weight to get down in the heavier waters. The thread I use for tying all my nymphs is 50 D Kevlar thread super strong and ultra fine. For the tail I tease out some lime green micro flash dubbing and secure it in well.

For the body mix some light brown Hare dubbing with a tiny pinch of Uv White and some gold Lite brite, do not cut up the lite brite but pull it apart with your fingers as you mix it. Then splitting the thread, which is the easiest thread to split and both strands are still super strong tease out the dubbing mix and place it between the strands.

Spin the dubbing and apply it to the body brushing out the fibers once completed. Do the same process with some of a white dubbing mixed with a little spectra dubbing for the top of the body and brush out well.

To finish off the fly using some chosen collar colour thread add it in behind the bead here I use Whisp hot red thread and a small drop of varnish to secure the collar will see the fly ready for the water.

There is no need for any ribbing as the strength of the thread is more than able to protect the fly from the teeth of a trout and if you haven't used this thread its well worth looking at. This fly will certainly make several appearances as my point fly this spring and some variations of the same.

I hope you enjoy tying these patterns and enjoy fishing them even more then I have had. If you would like any of these flies or any other patterns of you choice you can find my contact details on the right side of the blog. Thank you for reading and tight lines.
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