Sunday, January 1, 2017

Tain Rivercraft

I recently picked up one of Eammon Conway's new rods, titled "Tain, Rivercraft", I got the 9 foot 5 weight rod that I am planning to use for dry fly and dry dropper fishing in the coming season.
Over the years I have built up a collection of rods that match this build and they range from loop, Grey's, Competition Stix and more; it is a rod build that I use a lot on the river and one I also use for casting workshops and practice.
Upon first appearance the look of the rod is sleek with its black matt carbon finish, with a tasty and simple handle with an aluminium triangular reel seat, a nice tube and sleeve presents the rod well to its buyer. 
Rigged up it has a sense of purpose about it and while I only have cast it on the water for a brief time in Wales recently it was well able to handle a head wind and present a heavy dry dropper set up just as I desired. 
On the grass the rod preformed as well as any other rods I have used for distance, accuracy, power, and line control.
I am always looking for a good efficient rod that dose it's job then this rod is worth the very reasonable price it's being offered at.

Priced at 140 euro this rod does not pretend to be one of the bigger brands, but holds its own when it comes to an affordable rod that will do all it needs to do, and well I might add.
Eammon offers two rods in his range at the moment which will surely grow over time, the ten foot seven weight I am yet to try, but for the Rivercraft rod well it's CV speaks for its self with Eammon dominating the river scene for the last few seasons using this rod in his arsenal.

One another point worth noting that it is great to see an Irish brand being established in this market. Over the last few years the tackle trade in Ireland has suffered due to the popularity of online stores and it is good to see Irish anglers break into developing fly tackle as we hold a long history and tradition of fly fishing in this country.
Well done to Eammon on setting out to establish a rod and brand that is affordable, efficient and presented very well.
I look forward to trying the other module on the lakes this spring.
To find Eammon and his range of rods you can visit him at http://www.tainflyfishing.com

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