Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Fly fishing in Slovenia

As I have done most years and sometimes even a few times a year is traveling through out Europe,  fishing some of its stunning and bountiful rivers and lakes. The trip I am just back from is one that always exceeds my expectations and is undoubtedly one of my best and favorite fly-fishing destinations to date.

Slovenia is World renowned for its natural beauty in its valleys, gorges and spectacular mountains. This was our destination for a four day long fishing  trip with a group of five companions. We flew Ryanair from Dublin to Venice-Treviso and drove to our accommodation just on the edge of a town called Kanji, which was around a two and a half hours drive.
The accommodation was was a very nice apartment on the banks of the Kokra river and we were greeted by our good friends Tina Possing from www.Plan-A-Fly.com, with her amazing selection of flies ready for the rivers and guide Mirko Skafar, from www.skafarsflyfishing.com; who is always informed in which rivers and what methods will produce the best fishing.
Over the years I have fished many stunning rivers through out this Country and this trip was no different. We fished three different rivers, Idrijca, Sora and the stunning Soco River located at the foot of the snow capped Julian Alps. Normally we would have fished the fabulous Sava river system but the snow melts left this river a bit high for fishing on this trip. 
Starting on the Idrijca trophy water we spent the whole day searching this lovely clear water for Marble Trout, Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout and Grayling. Starting with single nymphing, which is only allowed in this country, we picked up some nice fish on black perdigon's and ended the day with an unreal evening rise to sedge's. The quality of fish in this river has to be seen to be believed, it holds huge fish and can excite an angler in every way, with hook ups leading to large fish pitching, exploding runs and screaming reels.
Our second day led us to the lesser known river called Sora, a medium sized river stuffed with good sized Grayling and an odd large Rainbow. Mirko began our session here with a refresher on how to maximize our Grayling catch, and introduce us into his new wax product for indicators which was a fantastic product and one you should check out.  I have had the pleasure of fishing with Mirko for many years and he has always shared all his top tactics on catching fish; I have meet many guides and I would consider Mirko to be among the very best I have ever encountered.  For the nymphs on this river Tina supplied us with some of her famous Gammuras nymphs that never fail to produce good fishing, they are a must in every Grayling hunters fly box. You can check them out here:  www.planafly.com

Our third river was the stunning Soca River and one of its feeder streams, this World famous river systems is renowned for its beauty, clear pale water and the back ground of the Julian Alps. Fishing here was tough the main Soca had a heavy current still from the snow melts and the main channels were to strong to hold fish leaving them at the bottom of the big pools. However we moved up the river on to a lighter stretch of water and had some cracking fish, difficult but good fishing.  A large peeping caddis pattern hooked and landed this nice fish after several cast attempting to entice a take. 
This destination is with out a doubt the place I love to travel too, having good friends greet you on arrival is always a plus too. If you ever fancy treating yourself to some exciting fly fishing, then I recommend you head over to here and hook up with some cracking fish, and a top guide in Mirko, it will be something you will remember and won't regret.

I hope you are enjoying your fishing at present and thanks for reading my blog, if you would like any other information please feel free to drop me a line on my contact details here and if you are looking for Dohiku hooks or top quality Tungsten Beads feel free to give me a shout for the best prices.


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  2. I believed from my trip to Slovenia (irdrcia ) that indicator fishing was not allowed? Can you comment ?