Wednesday, July 11, 2012


It was on Lough Corrib a number of years ago when I was first introduced to the Sedgehog, Mike Keady from Moycullen and myself were fishing during a nice mayfly hatch and Mike was nailing fish on a green peter sedge hog, being so impressed from the results Mike had on the fly I returned home and tied some that very night and sense then the fly is one of my most dependable lake and river patterns.
This fly to the left is a Peter Ross half hog and is a super fly through out the entire season but more so when the trout are on the fry, it also accounts for a lot of sea-trout also. The metallic sliver and red dubbing brushed out give the fly great effect coming through the water.  
I use the fly on the right during sedge hatches on both rivers and lake tied in various sizes and natural colors as either a dry fly or on intermediate lines as wet fly's pulled through the waves, giving a nice disturbance and getting the fishes attention when they are looking up. It is similar to a peter sedge it had a UV blend red tag and peter olive body with natural deer hair wing and a soft light brown shoulder hackle. The fly on the left however is a hog dabbler and fished on a floating line during the olives is unbeatable it is a light olive dabbler body as usual with an under-wing of Krystal Flash and an over wing of natural deer hair. 
This dubbing material for the body is produced from soft metallized fibres. It's suitable, especially for adding to common dubbings, which makes this material very effective. We can also use these on their own as a dubbing for making heads of wet flies, nymphs and streamers. It is also very suitable to use just the fibres, which we can add to the bodies of streamers, lures, etc. Hends Metallic dubbing is fabulous when it is brushed through a body hackle or as you can see up into the deer hair wing. Again a  super fly when the trout are on fry.  
The claret fly on the left is a generally all round fly I find it works well in the summer months and on the lakes where the run of trout is a bit smaller, and on hill loughs. The bibo hog on the right however is a cracking variation of the already super fly, it give the fish something a little different when they are on the black stuff. This style of tying lough flies is well worth exploring and will produce some great fishing through out the year and don't be afraid to experiment in the tying or the meathod of fishing them.
The perfect team of sliver sedgehos, this is the stuff fishes nightmares are made of. 

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  1. Over here in Alberta, Canada the Sedgehog has become one of my favourite patterns. Took a 20" Cutthroat the first time I used one.