Friday, October 19, 2012

Top Five Buys in 2012 Season

Here is some of my purchases during the 2012 season, I am not sure if any or some of them helped me catch more fish but they did add to my angling for those fish.

NO: 1
Has to be the Hends 3 weight Fly rod with the extension bar to transform a sweet 9 foot dry fly rod into a cracking 10 foot nymphing rod. The difference between the two is noticeable and it is so easy to change over. The presentation of the rod is class and comes with a tube that will hold three fly rods which I found so handy in the World Finals this year. The price range of these rods is  also competitive around 260 -270 euro. Its fish-ability is top class and can hold big fish too. I like it so much I am buying a second one for the forth coming season. 

My second best buy of last season was the Korkers Guide K8700 wading boot with changeable soles and no laces. I found these boots very steady and give good support to the ankle area. The closing system works really well. I cant fault them in any way and I have fished all types of terrain this year.

This was a toss up for second and third theses Guide Choice knee pads and shin guards were a great buy and offer great protection to the knee and shin but also to the waders when walking through bushy ground. They are comfortable enough to wear and walk in and don't slip, like the knee pads on their own. If you don't own a pair its a must buy for 2013 and price is around 35 pounds. 

NO: 4
I love tying flies and there is nothing worse than tying on hooks that are just not what you are looking for in wire strengths and weight. Hends hook range is designed for the modern day angler and fly tyer. there BL 404 dry fly hook in my experience for what it is are top class with a fine wire and great strength I even found myself tying nymphs on the at the later half of the season and I had no problems. There BL 200 hooks are a heavier wire for wet flies, nymphs and streamers the have a super shape and large gap for better hook ups. Hends also do a lovely range of sedge hooks and Jig hooks, a range that no river fly tyer should be without for next season.

NO: 5
For my number five it is this little device that costs only a few euros and has nothing to do with catching fish or nearly nothing. This clicker hangs from my vest and counts all fish over the competition size. When I first came across this a friend gave me one and I was so surprised at the difference of the number of fish I caught and what I thought I had caught. this is a good investment for competition anglers that want to keep account of their catches.

I did but other good rods, lines, leaders, and much more but these five items are the stand outs of the 2012 season all all of them hopefully will get more use in the forth coming season. 

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