Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Long Hair Chenille Fry

Trying to source this product by Hends some years ago after been shown it in Norway on a fishing trip is what lead us into the fly-tying market, i don't know to thank it or hate it for that, but it dose create some wonderful fry patterns. There are several ways and materials that can be used to tie these fly's and this is just one of them that I use. Here is a step by step of how to create them:

Two of the most important materials in the fly is Hends Long Chenille and Epoxy eyes, these eyes come in several colours and sizes so you can chose the preferred ones to suit your fly.

Firstly choose a strong wire hook the desired length depends on the size of fry you wish to tie. Using white Grall thread tie in one end of the chenille strip.

Wind the strip up the hook till you are almost at the eye and keep brushing back the hair as you wind up so it dose not become trapped  Leave a small gap at the eye of the hook and I tend to add in some white spectra dubbing here to give the fly that extra sparkle. I then brush the hair with a tooth brush with the bristles cut short, to get rid of any hair or dubbing that is loose. 

Then using some varnish of what ever you chose, get some on your fingers and shape back the hair to form the fry profile. This will go a bit hard when dry, but when fished and trout take, it will become more broken up looking, that is ok and will fish better if nothing else so don't be concerned about this happening.

Once your fry is dry, then I use markers to colour it in to my desired colour. You can buy a full set of these markers and they are waterproof and great to have at the vise, I use them all the time in fly tying. 

Once you have finished the colouring then add you chosen eye and it would be my advice to stick the eye on with some superglue or I tend to find that after a few fish the eye is gone.

Here are some other fry patterns that have worked for me over the years. I tie them all sizes and colours, I also add in booby eye and blades or popper heads to give the fly a different swimming action. I really enjoy tying these flies and I hope you do too.

For all the materials and markers needed to tie these flies log onto www.irishflytying.com or click on the link back up to the right. 

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