Sunday, January 6, 2013

May Fly Tube Bodies

I have tied and seen many May flies in my few years of fishing and some of them have been fantastic and other not so good. They have been made out of deer hair, foam and lots of other materials to try and match that of the natural fly. I then found Jan Simans Tube Bodies and they were really good looking, they also turned out to be really easy to work with and come in several sizes and colours. Now all my May flies and any fly that I chose to tie with a detached body has this Jan Siman product on them.

Several days ago I put up a small dry light olive and it got such a good response I decided to show you some other patterns that are tied with the principal product in each of the flies. The fly above is one that I have been using for years even though some of the tying style has changed the general ingredients of a tube body and split CDC wings remain the same. The hook is a size 14 grub hook and the tube body is tied in just a bit down the bend, a small pinch of CDC dubbing is wrapped where it meets the hook. The wings are Light Olive Hends CDC split with a strip of cream foam and some more CDC dubbing underneath to finish the fly on the underside.  

This material is so simple to work with and you can create such great looking flies with it that also catch a lot of fish. the little blue dun to the right is such an example. This little fly has caught me so many fish, its Tube body is tied in close to the eye and a small space is left for a small amount of white CDC then it is to just spin on some Hends light blue CDC as a hackle and your fly is finished. It is often the most simple of fly's that will work the best in catching trout.
This little Pale Olive is another example of simplicity after you tie in the body just split two hackle points as wings and wrap your fine cock hackle from the Tube body up to the eye. The fly below is my May fly version this is a fly that I always have in my box either on the rivers or lake during May and June in several colours. It is one of them all round flies that will always pick up feeding fish if there is natural may fly around. Once the body is attached to the hook add in the wing which is a mix of light brown, natural and white CDC then using the light brown CDC spin it around the wing and up to the eye. These May Fly Tube bodies by Jan Siman are well worth having and tying with you will produce great looking flies that do catch fish. To find the range of colours and sizes just log onto www.irishflytying.com and enjoy tying with this simple product.

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