Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Chasing Bows in the January Sun

With a day off today I decided after a late night last night at a fishing meeting there was only one way to blow out the cobwebs and that was to head out to a lake. Adaire Springs is not to far from me so that seemed like a good option; as I arrived at half ten the sun also came out which assured me Ia had made the right choice to go fishing. It was a glorious day to be pottering around the lake and I began by pulling some lures on a DI3,  I was meeting some fish on a Olive streamer but I was getting very little hook ups so I switched to a floating line with some buzzer patterns and blood worms. Instantly I began to hook fish and enjoyed several good quality fish through out the morning session.

For the early afternoon a cool breeze picked up a little and it seemed to put the fish off the lake went very quite and fish were tough to come by, only picking up another fish on a orange blob down deep and a pull or two. 

The evening fishing gathered some momentum for a while but the falling darkness soon ended that and I managed a nice brace of fish before the end of the day.

The sun shined all day and there was some sparse midges fluttering around in the sheltered areas of the lake but the majority of the fish were down in the water. It was a good day out and hopefully I get some more next week. I haven't decided where to go on my days off but maybe a trip to Curragh spring will be on the menu. 

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Fly of the day went to this guy 

Hook: Kamasan B100 size 12
Thread: Black twist tying thread 
Tag: Holographic red tinsel
Rib: Sliver Wire 
Head: Glo-brite no 5
Legs: Red flexi floss
Coated in Loon UV resin 

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